Monday, August 17, 2009

Terminators is serious bisons

When I was watching Terminator 4 and John Connor was shaking up the resistance to break into Skynet and rescue the boy who would become his father, I thought the movie was getting ready to present us with Connor's grim realization that he is personally responsible for the entire war against the machines. If his father died and he was never born, then Skynet would have no reason to send the Terminator after him in the first place. With no original Terminator, there would be no arm left as evidence and ultimately Skynet would not be constructed at all.

I suppose it could be argued that if Skynet was worried about not having the chance to exist they could just send a whole Terminator back for proto-skynet scientists to dissect and put the machines ahead of the game. Though if that was the case, I'm not sure what's stopping them from doing it anyway.

Time travel is messy business.

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Zara said...

Freaking time travel.