Saturday, March 31, 2007

Beak Sync

Posting the bird on his own because the crocodile got a solo clip too. I'll probably post the two of them together sometime within the next couple weeks.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Combo Art 1

Sometimes when I feel like the style or subject matter of my art is getting stale, I brainstorm things that my friends like and combine two of the themes together into one.

Ninja Robot, drawn in honour of Igor's love for all things both mechanical and stealthy.

Cowboy of Barbaria for Steve and his affinity for Westerns and burly, axe-weilding Norsemen.

I guess as long as I'm uploading art that I've done for other people, I may as well throw up this dragon that I did for Adam last semester.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just some more fun stuff

Escaflowne doodle, Folken with his grrlz.

Their couch is melting...

Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee co-star as the worst cops in the history of everything.

"Damn, Huritt. I can't believe you're not a girl. You so fiiiiine."

... If you saw Hedwig you'd think it was funny.

Guess who my favourite of my four storyboard characters was.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Western Storyboard

Storyboard assignment in which we had to create a classical story with a hero, villain, love interest, and comic relief set in either a Medieval, Victorian, or Western era. The storyboard was supposed to be 30 - 40 panels long, showing one sequence of the story as a whole. It also had to take place in a town, prominently feature a stagecoach, and include a diagonal pan.

My story was more or less written in an MSN chat one night between some friends and I as a joke. Obviously it's been tweaked a bit since the original concept (wherein Brokeback, Hedwig, and Some Like it Hot jokes were plentiful, the cowboy was the love interest, and the hero's name was "Rolls With White Man"), but I'd like to think that it's still kind of funny.