Friday, December 22, 2006

New batch of tablet art

Just so you guys don't think I'm slacking off over the break. Did these since I got back, all on the tablet in photoshop, most of them this morning.

Character belongs to Livejournal's Rantingmule. I signed up for a character art exchange thing and got him this month. It was fun to draw, he's supposed to be this muscular, shaggy-haired, scarred, tattooed junkie, so basically the sort of thing I always draw when I'm left to my own devices. I had higher hopes for this picture, but it refused to turn out the way I wanted... so, meh. Did it over the course of an evening or two between bouts of sickly napping.

House/Wilson stuff, because someone told me they wanted to see more of it. And if someone tells me to draw something, it's usually pretty likely I'll draw it for them. Spent about twenty minutes on it.

Vega's great, he's my favourite Street Fighter character. I would (.... /have...) bought the games entirely for his presence in them. Played with the perspective in this one, but wasn't overly satisfied with the results. Meddled with the anatomy to the point where his abs kind of started to pudge out. I dunno, despite all that I'm not overly offended by the end product. About an hour or so of doodling this morning while I watched inane talk shows on CTV.

People say I should draw more women, so I tried my hand at one of those pink haired Elfen Lied things that always seem to be having their limbs torn off. Tinkered with it for a few hours but ultimately got bored of it and left it as it was.
On that note, the cartoon wasn't bad. Kind of an overly-cutesy style for a cartoon about people being torn limb from limb, but meh. I have to say I got a kick out of the way the character's horns changed dimensions every time they moved their heads, though.

Felt like drawing Sailor Moon.

Felt like making her look less... Aryan...

Started this late last night sometime, finished early this morning.

Bryan said he likes Harley, so I drew Harley.

Maybe half an hour of doodling sometime this morning. After Sailor Moon, before Vega.

So the moral of this story is, catch me in the right mood and suggest something to me, chances are I'll draw it for you. Also, even when completely incapacitated by illness I still can't stop drawing.

I should force myself to be more like Igor and experiment with digital painting instead of just doing the same sort of stuff over and over again. Gotta let go of those inhibitions, just get messy and figure things out.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Expression Change

Last project of the year, I'm animating whatever I want. Just big tough men beatin' each other up and acting like sucks. Yeah. That held my attention long enough to keep me awake for 80 straight hours.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Links, Doodles

Hey! We're getting into the holiday season, aren't we? Time to start celebrating, Squiddums style!

And by that, I mean draw a scribbly, unfinished picture of two men groping each other and put it on the internet! Add a sprig of what could pass off as holly for extra festive appeal.

Aww, I want it to be Christmas time.

Went about reshuffling my links. I made a list for sites our instructors have, webcomics I like, and general interest stuff that would be separate from the fellow student stuff. I stuck a link to my livejournal up since this place is just for art and I tend to post a lot of jokes I find, amusing flash cartoons, Youtube links and the like there.

So far I've managed to track down Mayerson's blog and Emslie's online portfolio, but if anyone knows of sites any of our other instructors have I'd much appreciate links. The Unofficial Animation Archive is great because it's full of model sheets. If you know any needy first years working on their head rotation assignments, it's a good place to send them. Mad Creator Productions is the illustrator Gris Grimly's site, who is one of my favourite artists. As I track down sites for them I'm hoping to build up a good crop of links to internet galleries for artists I like there (By the way, if anyone knows of a website devoted to Stephen Gammel, I would love you forever if you passed on the link). The Supernatural Image Board is kind of cheesy, but it's a great place to track down spooky reference photos. 99Rooms is there for the same reason, but it's much more artistically done as well as entertaining. Maybe a bit unnerving if you visit it late at night, alone, in the dark.... Retro Junk is a fun site for the nostalgia value.

Other than that, I just stuck up a couple webcomics I enjoy. Girls With Slingshots and Ugly Hill are pretty standard gag strips. Red Meat is made from a series of cut-and-pasted comic templates with different text. A little like Dinosaur comics except far more disturbing. Perfect Stars is a marker-drawn art deco style strip.

Now, as long as I'm updating this thing I may as well add some art. Not much to show off at the moment, besides some scribbly notebook doodles.

Fuzzy Llama thing, Billy Idol and Iggy Pop as five AM dictates I should draw them, and a fish guy I started that isn't really going anywhere. Just so people know I'm still drawing.

Friday, December 01, 2006


My story for storyboarding class. Depending on how the leica turns out, I may post that here next week, but for now here are the drawings I used in my pitch a couple weeks ago.

Cranberries is the heartwarming tale of a girl and her zombie, who unintentionally ended up looking kind of like Nemesis if he really let himself go.We open with the little girl standing outside a TV salesplace of sorts, watching as the newscaster warns people that the zombie scourge has put the public on red alert.

Hearing footsteps behind her, she turns around to find herself face-to-.... belt buckle with a hulking tank-of-a-zombie.

Lucky for her he's a friendly zombie! The two go off to find a park to play at somewhere.

Unfortunately, the zombie plays too rough for the little girl, and she ends of on the bad end of many unfortunate playground mishaps. She tells off the zombie and sends him away, not wanting to be his friend anymore. He leaves, alone and dejected.

The zombie turns back to look at her one last time and sees that she is about to be hit by a truck! He runs into the road and pushes her out of the way just in the nick of time!

Unfortunately, zombies are not made of tough stuff. The zombie is left as a gooey pile of organs on the pavement. The little girl cries for the loss of her friend, but the trucker shows up with an idea...

Cut back to the park later that day. The little girl os on the swingset with the zombie, wrapped up in duct tape, pushing her. Fade to black and happy ending and all that jazz.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Walk and Run

I think the sacks-with-dollar-signs on them really enhance the "Space Bandit" image.

In thec yborg-driven future they will have no need for backgrounds.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Contrasting Characters

Characters I designed for the walk-and-run cycle animation assignment due at the end of the month.

ASOMO, an ex-space pirate who decided he was too much of a softie to make it as a bad guy and decided to persue a career as a bounty hunter. In his decidedly more organic days, ASOMO was revered as the best at what he did and known for always successfully apprehending the criminals he was sent after. However, after squaring off against an exceptionally skilled group of space-bandits and coming up short every time, he heard word that the Haunda corporation was in the midst of trying to develop the perfect cyborg and volunteered his own body in hopes that this would give him the edge he needed. Tragedy struck when a rival corporation beat them to the chase and the funding to the ASOMO project was cut. ASOMO himself was left unfinished, but still fully functioning and able to return to his previous life. He still retains his cheerful disposition and strong sense of duty despite the way things turned out for him and remains on the lookout for the band of outlaws he was never able to catch.

Before he was redesigned into the triumph of technology he is today, BANDIX was the entirely human leader of a gang of notorious space-bandits. Able to slip away from even the likes of the greatest of the intergalactic police and bounty hunters of his day, BANDIX grew worried to hear word of Haunda's ASOMO project. Ever the opportunist, he schemed to send one of his best men to pose as an employee of Haunda and leak their secrets to a rival company, one which he had donated his own body to. When the BANDIX cyborg was completed first, Haunda was hit hard financially and the ASOMO project was dropped.

Despite all of his formidable upgrades and sabotage of ASOMO, BANDIX still finds that he has to keep on his toes to avoid capture at the hands of his worthy and entirely capable opponent.

Dunno why I did this much backstory for what's going to end up being ten seconds of animation... just got bored, I guess....

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Couple of tablet doodles, because those are fun. Top one is of Ganondorf turning into his werepiggy form that I started this morning to kill time, bottom one is the Centipede from James and the Giant Peach that I did over the weekend or something.

Man, was that guy the coolest anthropomorphic centipede ever devised or what?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weight Lift & Toss

Chester McZombiepants returns home only to find that poor groundskeeping has rendered his grave utterly inaccessable. Mild inconveniance ensues.

Happy Halloween, by the way.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Started a blog 'cause all the cool people have one. Figure I'll just use this as a dumping ground for character designs and other miscellanious school junk.

Stuff to come when I have stuff to show.