Friday, August 21, 2009

Science Fiction Double Feature

I'm not sure if anyone in the western world doesn't have funtiems memories related to Rocky Horror Picture show. Be it sneaking around to watch it without getting caught when you're younger, awkwardly watching it with judgmental parents, awkwardly watching it with parents who are entirely too into it, being locked in an isolated woodland cabin with a handful of friends and no music other than the original soundtrack on vinyl, being mistaken for a hooker walking home from a live stage showing, tricking someone who doesn't know what to expect into watching it for the first time and seeing them freak out when Tim Curry pulls off his cape in Sweet Transvestite, or being tricked into seeing it for the first time without knowing what to expect and freaking out when Tim Curry pulls off his cape in Sweet Transvestite, everyone seems to have a Rocky Horror story to tell.

I've heard people complain that the movie is overrated and I think I'd have to agree to some extent. As much as I love it, the film on it's own probably can't live up to the hype that surrounds it. It's the Rocky Horror social and cultural phenomenon that makes it something special, though. I think that's the magic of cult movies, very little of the appeal comes from watching them alone in your basement but the real fun of the whole thing is spreading the movies on to your friends like some kind of underground cinema virus.

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