Monday, August 31, 2009

Of bunnies and blaster canons

Final design for the bunny hero in Dread Sarcopt. I should have the walks for her sprite finished sometime soon. Just really simple three-frame ones, then all of her emoting will probably be done in character icons in the dialogue box.

Working on a comic pitch package for some buddies, so I should be able to show off the cast of that soon, but in the meantime here's a joke that started with the best intentions but went horribly wrong about halfway through when some friends and I were talking about drawing in different styles.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hunt for the Dread Sarcopt

Some character concept work for a point-and-click adventure game I'm doing with my buddy J.R. Hill, of Time for

It's the story of a bunny on a quest to save her friend from the giant fish monster who bit their boat in half. Along the way she can collect items or make friends with other animals and utilize their skills to help her on her quest, by land, sea, and air. J.R.'s doing the writing, music, and programming, I'm doing the design and animation stuff, and helping out with the brainstorming.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Science Fiction Double Feature

I'm not sure if anyone in the western world doesn't have funtiems memories related to Rocky Horror Picture show. Be it sneaking around to watch it without getting caught when you're younger, awkwardly watching it with judgmental parents, awkwardly watching it with parents who are entirely too into it, being locked in an isolated woodland cabin with a handful of friends and no music other than the original soundtrack on vinyl, being mistaken for a hooker walking home from a live stage showing, tricking someone who doesn't know what to expect into watching it for the first time and seeing them freak out when Tim Curry pulls off his cape in Sweet Transvestite, or being tricked into seeing it for the first time without knowing what to expect and freaking out when Tim Curry pulls off his cape in Sweet Transvestite, everyone seems to have a Rocky Horror story to tell.

I've heard people complain that the movie is overrated and I think I'd have to agree to some extent. As much as I love it, the film on it's own probably can't live up to the hype that surrounds it. It's the Rocky Horror social and cultural phenomenon that makes it something special, though. I think that's the magic of cult movies, very little of the appeal comes from watching them alone in your basement but the real fun of the whole thing is spreading the movies on to your friends like some kind of underground cinema virus.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now you're a man, a man man man

I always wonder when I see people (okay, predominantly teenage girls) write stories about manly man characters acting completely emasculated. I guess swooning over staggeringly sensitive men who act like no interesting and competent human being ever would isn't unexpected for young women but why choose these dudes dripping with machismo? I suppose it's entirely possible to be attracted to the aesthetic of the macho soldier types but still be so unapologetically girly that they still want to see them acting like shy, sensitive Twilight stand-ins √° la any novel with Fabio on the cover, but then you have the alarmingly popular trend of people who not only rewrite the character to act like a stammering, flower-picking ponce, but completely redo their aesthetic to make them young and long-haired with delicate-as-a-flower features. If you say you like Ganondorf, but in your head Ganondorf is a seventeen year old Japanese vampire prince with hair like a Kingdom hearts character, who goes to starbucks and gives Link butterfly kisses.... well... you don't really like Ganondorf at all.

At least I know that if I ever want to carve out a chunk of the teenage girl market for myself, I can sell fancomics about a 98 pound Marcus Fenix going to highschool and taking bubble baths. Hey, who am I to judge? Maybe all the face-poundings that came with dressing like an emo-goth-skater-hipster and writing sad poetry are what motivated Mr. Fenix to pick up a weight set and start carving out his way to Delta Sergeant.

That said, here is a picture of something unabashedly manly. consider it an apology from me to all of you on behalf of Girls On the Internet. Depending on how things go he might end up showing up in some comics, and I guarantee it will involve nothing but eating meat, blasting heavy metal, firing guns, and amassing harems of bikini models.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Terminators is serious bisons

When I was watching Terminator 4 and John Connor was shaking up the resistance to break into Skynet and rescue the boy who would become his father, I thought the movie was getting ready to present us with Connor's grim realization that he is personally responsible for the entire war against the machines. If his father died and he was never born, then Skynet would have no reason to send the Terminator after him in the first place. With no original Terminator, there would be no arm left as evidence and ultimately Skynet would not be constructed at all.

I suppose it could be argued that if Skynet was worried about not having the chance to exist they could just send a whole Terminator back for proto-skynet scientists to dissect and put the machines ahead of the game. Though if that was the case, I'm not sure what's stopping them from doing it anyway.

Time travel is messy business.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Abdominal muscles and you

Oh yeah, did up another one of those tutorials, this time on the musclebound male physique and how it relates to character design. You know... for those days when you have a huge cast of beefy dudes and you aren't sure how to vary them beyond giving them different hair cuts...


It may seem like I'm ragging on bodybuilders here, but that's not the case, I think more people just need to consider what the difference between muscles for show and muscles for work is. Not every guy who can kick your ass is gonna have diamond cut abs.

This is also posted in one piece on my DA gallery for people who want to download it but don't feel like saving four different files.

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