Monday, October 05, 2009

Port Tihq

Little fishing village in a comic universe I've been working with. Sort of like if people discovered a second Australia back when all of the different empires were out exploring and colonizing places, but this one was full of dozens of species with the same degree of sentience as humans. Now, in the modern era it remains a self-contained Darwinian society with haphazard central government. Large cities are the most "Westernized" with top-of-the-line technology, unified legislative bodies, and the most socialist programs in effect. Further out from those you get rural areas where creatures still live in clustered townships with electricity, but the ruling power is much more along the lines of small-town behind-the-shed politics. Even further from that is the wild zone, the Old West of the island. No electricity or official government, where anarchy only functions due to the threat that a bigger fish might come along.

Most of the humans on the island are related to people who moved there as fugitives. Any sentient creature can legally kill another for food or in self defense in any part of the country, so humans typically don't choose to relocate there unless they're running from something worse than the threat of maybe someday being eaten by a giant talking lizard.


Creature SH said...

I quite enjoy how thought-out your (already visually highly detailed) artwork is. It's a rare quality to be found online, I think.

Anonymous said...

I love the whole feel of the place. And any of those sentient creatures would be screwed if they tried to eat Daggett. Or Blue for that matter, haha.

justin said...

Cool work Kelly! I really like the atmosphere of your city/country it kind of reminds me of Star Wars. Can't wait to see more!