Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've been getting an exorbitant amount of weird Asian moonspeak spam comments on my posts lately that I think are possibly trying to convince me to buy timeshare condos or bootleg leather belts. Anyone know how to filter spam out of the comments without turning them off completely?

Annnndddd.... I guess here's a scowly Kratos pinup so this post has some art in it. Remeber, chicks dig guys with exceptionally developed depressor labii inferioris muscles. Nothing says "MANLY" like an expression of perpetual dissatisfaction.


Jarrett Billingsley said...

Hm. On wordpress, at least, you can set it so that people can't use anonymous comments, or even more strictly, that they have to be logged in with some legitimate ID (like OpenID). Dunno if Blogger lets you do the same, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

Coelasquid said...

Ah, thanks much, let's see if it works.

fengfk2008 said...

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Jarrett Billingsley said...

Well looks like THAT didn't help much.

Coelasquid said...

Oh the irony.

robertjenkins87 said...

How about some kind of Word Verification? I don't think autospam comments can go any further than that.

Coelasquid said...

Tried turning on word verification, we'll see if it works. Though all the people leaving the spam have accounts so it seems like it may be some place hiring people to post this crap on as many pages as possible rather than just bots.