Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Links, Doodles

Hey! We're getting into the holiday season, aren't we? Time to start celebrating, Squiddums style!

And by that, I mean draw a scribbly, unfinished picture of two men groping each other and put it on the internet! Add a sprig of what could pass off as holly for extra festive appeal.

Aww, I want it to be Christmas time.

Went about reshuffling my links. I made a list for sites our instructors have, webcomics I like, and general interest stuff that would be separate from the fellow student stuff. I stuck a link to my livejournal up since this place is just for art and I tend to post a lot of jokes I find, amusing flash cartoons, Youtube links and the like there.

So far I've managed to track down Mayerson's blog and Emslie's online portfolio, but if anyone knows of sites any of our other instructors have I'd much appreciate links. The Unofficial Animation Archive is great because it's full of model sheets. If you know any needy first years working on their head rotation assignments, it's a good place to send them. Mad Creator Productions is the illustrator Gris Grimly's site, who is one of my favourite artists. As I track down sites for them I'm hoping to build up a good crop of links to internet galleries for artists I like there (By the way, if anyone knows of a website devoted to Stephen Gammel, I would love you forever if you passed on the link). The Supernatural Image Board is kind of cheesy, but it's a great place to track down spooky reference photos. 99Rooms is there for the same reason, but it's much more artistically done as well as entertaining. Maybe a bit unnerving if you visit it late at night, alone, in the dark.... Retro Junk is a fun site for the nostalgia value.

Other than that, I just stuck up a couple webcomics I enjoy. Girls With Slingshots and Ugly Hill are pretty standard gag strips. Red Meat is made from a series of cut-and-pasted comic templates with different text. A little like Dinosaur comics except far more disturbing. Perfect Stars is a marker-drawn art deco style strip.

Now, as long as I'm updating this thing I may as well add some art. Not much to show off at the moment, besides some scribbly notebook doodles.

Fuzzy Llama thing, Billy Idol and Iggy Pop as five AM dictates I should draw them, and a fish guy I started that isn't really going anywhere. Just so people know I'm still drawing.

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Sean said...

whhhhhhhhyyy!!! just please dont post what happens to be on the pillar at school (cant mention, feel too dirty)

the swamp llama is cool, and thats a badass looking Billy Idol