Saturday, December 16, 2006

Expression Change

Last project of the year, I'm animating whatever I want. Just big tough men beatin' each other up and acting like sucks. Yeah. That held my attention long enough to keep me awake for 80 straight hours.


Skye said...

I love it!

Igor P. said...

I must say it is a great peice of animation. But now it's time to move on Kelly. I would love to see some more strech and squash, and yes I remember that drawing. For the next projects try animatinng one of Brocks characters, I know I will.

"the mad shout your praises" :P

Coelasquid said...

Naw, I know what you mean. The bodies ended up really stiff, it's like they don't match the faces that they're attached to. I really should have concentrated more on good acting and dynamic movement than the gag at the end, but.... meh, I dunno, guess you gotta have some fun at some point with it.

Lisa Tao said...

hahaha i remember seeing this in the linetester!!
so funny XD