Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Summer Challenge time

Okay, time to get my money's worth outta this here free blog.

Now that the film is done and I have nothing to keep my BEASTFAST ART PRODUCTION schedule up, my new goal for myself is to come up with a new concept every week and devote at least a page of concept art to it a day. I have other things I'm working on too, but this'll give me some focus instead of running in circles and feeling like I'm spinning my wheels. And maybe eventually I'll learn how to draw environments too. Either way, I should be posting an entry every day or two with new sketchbook pages and more ideavomit for whatever the story is.

This week's concept du jour is something Mel and I came up with while we were sneaking around in the middle of the night to pick at people's trash and find fun things worth scavenging. I did manage to find a Watchtower bible to rebind into a sweet sketchbook but THAT'S A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY....
Anyway, the idea was for a 2D point and click adventure style game. The suggestion that a big cat-house thing out for collection might be haunted surned on the idea that you would have to rummage through trash to get spooky creatures hiding in the dark to help you. I went home to ponder over it some more and thought it would be cool to have a sort of Jacob's Ladder kind of alternate world going on, where you would basically start the game in a normal suburb at night. Eventually something a little out of the ordinary like a talking cat or something to that extent would up the weirdness. You would get keys into houses that would be empty but otherwise normal, and be able to find more peculiar things inside of them that would attract weirder shadowy creatures looking to strike up bargains out on the street. Eventually the interiors of the houses would start to get more shabby and decomposed, until finally they're just empty rooms with monsters waiting inside to talk to you.
This second page of stuff isn't really anything to get excited about, it's all VERY HEAVILY referenced from the 99Rooms (an awesome site I reccommend you check out if you are at all interested in artsy graffiti or urban decay). Anyway, very few things are cooler than spooky, delapidated buildings, while very few things are lamer than suburbssssss... so I got to thinking that the garbage picking could just be the start of the adventure. Like just the first world you have to explore. Eventually you could make your way into a basement that would just lead you through to catacombs of old factories, and that's where the real meat of the game takes place. I think it's something that would be akin to an urban version of Myst, where the environment is the most important aspect of the whole thing. Things shouldn't just be blatantly in-your-face blaugh scary Silent Hill style keeping you in the dark, but the whole world would be ore focused on making things seem just off enough to be unnerving. I'm thinking akin to the execution of Gorrister's level in I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

So that's Sunday and Monday's art, the Tuesday Wednesday stuff will be up whenever it gets scanned and assembled and all that. I'll blab about it some more when I get my next post together.


Ozark said...

Cool. Reminds me a little of Eversion, only point-click instead of a platformer.

sawbones said...

Augh, yes. This kind of environment art always makes me happy. It's very atmospheric.

ginch said...

Oooo, really interesting project. I'm a fan of 99 Room's atmospheric gloominess, and from these sketches you seem to be capturing it well.