Friday, November 16, 2007

Action Analysis Rough Animation

Words can't even begin to describe the number of issues I have with this right now. Every time I watch it I hate it a little more. Still, uploading it so that my parents and the four other people who watch this blog can see the progress so far.

I think this is the maximum amout of animation I can put out in a week and a half, I'm totally running on fumes right now. Ah well, time to recover, tweak things, and start cleaning stuff up.


Ash Collins said...

like i said on DA.... it's looking really really great.

on question: have you finished animating the girl in the scene at the end? cuz she could do with more reaction and stuff :3

Coelasquid said...

NOt sure, she was totally just blocked in in like half an hour so I wouldn't just have a hold through the whole scene, but she really could stand to move more. It'll probably depend on time/how sick I get of it.

Jinny Liang said...

That's so awesome Kelly! I love the animation.~~~

haha I have yet to start mine.. ^^;

Sean, said...

*snort* Oh god, that's great- the music fits really well, and the voice is everything I hoped it would be and so much more. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

Saru said...

G'Damnit <3 XD He teeters and i find that hideously adorable<3333

ALSO is that Pyramid Head music I hear? Hmm? Perhaps a bit of Silent hill to go with the rusty pipe look, hmmmmmm~~~<3?

GHGraphics said...

KELLY!!! Soooo good. Now how come you weren't able to clean it and colour it in the one week you accomplished this in??? You're SUCH a slacker you know that? Hehehe :P