Monday, May 21, 2007

And In contrast to the scribbly stuff, some of the finished art I've done in the past couple weeks as well.

I watched every episode of the Maxx one night and decided that he's my absolute favourite superpowered hobo ever. That line in the first episode where he complains about bubble bath was too cute.

Lobo crossed over with Brock Samson. By far the manliest being conceivable.

Big gray musclebound gypsy thing, original character of mine. Did this over my breaks at work during the first week to play with their fancy tablet.

More original characters, done for a bi-weekly themed drawing group. The theme was "struggle"and I just wanted to throw something silly in with all the serious angsty art the subject was inpiring.

Voltron made of real lions for a trade with Thweatted.


Tracy said...

but but but what about lobo? i mean...i guess he's not really a HObo.

But he's a bo of other sorts. :(

brockorama said...

the MAXX is the SHIIIITT!!! Only comic series I ever read. The cartoon follows it almost frame for frame, too.

Hodges! said...

voltron is genius, and the maxx is great