Thursday, November 30, 2006

Walk and Run

I think the sacks-with-dollar-signs on them really enhance the "Space Bandit" image.

In thec yborg-driven future they will have no need for backgrounds.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Contrasting Characters

Characters I designed for the walk-and-run cycle animation assignment due at the end of the month.

ASOMO, an ex-space pirate who decided he was too much of a softie to make it as a bad guy and decided to persue a career as a bounty hunter. In his decidedly more organic days, ASOMO was revered as the best at what he did and known for always successfully apprehending the criminals he was sent after. However, after squaring off against an exceptionally skilled group of space-bandits and coming up short every time, he heard word that the Haunda corporation was in the midst of trying to develop the perfect cyborg and volunteered his own body in hopes that this would give him the edge he needed. Tragedy struck when a rival corporation beat them to the chase and the funding to the ASOMO project was cut. ASOMO himself was left unfinished, but still fully functioning and able to return to his previous life. He still retains his cheerful disposition and strong sense of duty despite the way things turned out for him and remains on the lookout for the band of outlaws he was never able to catch.

Before he was redesigned into the triumph of technology he is today, BANDIX was the entirely human leader of a gang of notorious space-bandits. Able to slip away from even the likes of the greatest of the intergalactic police and bounty hunters of his day, BANDIX grew worried to hear word of Haunda's ASOMO project. Ever the opportunist, he schemed to send one of his best men to pose as an employee of Haunda and leak their secrets to a rival company, one which he had donated his own body to. When the BANDIX cyborg was completed first, Haunda was hit hard financially and the ASOMO project was dropped.

Despite all of his formidable upgrades and sabotage of ASOMO, BANDIX still finds that he has to keep on his toes to avoid capture at the hands of his worthy and entirely capable opponent.

Dunno why I did this much backstory for what's going to end up being ten seconds of animation... just got bored, I guess....

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Couple of tablet doodles, because those are fun. Top one is of Ganondorf turning into his werepiggy form that I started this morning to kill time, bottom one is the Centipede from James and the Giant Peach that I did over the weekend or something.

Man, was that guy the coolest anthropomorphic centipede ever devised or what?